As if Taylor Swift's renowned influential letter isn't already the Apple Music story of the year, all of us on the wiki are in for a surprise.

Earlier today, Zedd released an instrumental demo of an unreleased track of his via the platform. The three-minute fifty-second demo was accompanied by this message:

GUYS!!! Here is a track demo I’ve produced that I LOVE but never finished. I haven’t been able to find the perfect vocal and I want your help!! Send me your ideas to:!! Let’s Connect!!!! :) – Anton

Don't see where I'm going with this?

Well, let me tell you then!

What if we, the Zedd Wiki, came up with some suggestions? I mean, chances that one of our vocalists will get chosen are unfortunately low (*looks away for a brief moment*)...but just being involved in the process, in my eyes, sounds like it could be real cool. And aren't wikis all about collaboration?

Listen to the demo as many times as needed, then post your thoughts below!