"Adrenaline" is a 2016 single by Zedd and Grey.


American music producer Jauz performed the song live at EDC Las Vegas on June 18, 2016, though its name was not specified; Grey tweeted about this the next day.

On August 14, 2016, Zedd posted a video containing clips of a recent performance in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, and revealed the name of the song, saying it would be coming out soon.[1] Teasers for the song were posted via Zedd and Grey's social accounts on August 26, 2016,[2][3] and the release date was revealed to be September 2 on August 29.[4]



  • "Adrenaline" was released concurrently with Zedd's birthday, in a similar fashion to the release of his "Rude" remix.
  • The song's artwork was created by Roboto.[5]


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