Clarity (Remixes) is an extended play which contains remixes of Zedd's song "Clarity" featuring Foxes. The standard edition contains four tracks—three remixes and the Zedd Union Mix; there was also a Beatport version containing ten tracks.

Track listingEdit

Standard editionEdit

No. Title Length
1. Clarity (Zedd Union Mix) 3:27
2. Clarity (Tiësto Remix) 5:54
3. Clarity (Style of Eye Remix) 6:37
4. Clarity (Brillz Remix) 5:57

Beatport editionEdit

No. Title Length
1. Clarity (Style of Eye Remix) 6:35
2. Clarity (Headhunterz Remix) 4:30
3. Clarity (Tiësto Remix) 5:54
4. Clarity (Funkagenda Remix) 7:30
5. Clarity (Torro Torro Remix) 4:33
6. Clarity (Roy Rosenfeld Remix) 7:44
7. Clarity (Felix Cartal Remix) 5:14
8. Clarity (Nick Thayer Remix) 4:50
9. Clarity (Shreddie Mercury Remix) 6:07
10. Clarity (Swanky Tunes Remix) 5:09

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