We sent our "Where Are Ü Now" remix to Skrillex in August, and he was super supportive. He asked for more tracks, so we sent our Zedd remix which he forwarded to Zedd. We've been big fans of both of those guys from day 1, so it was obviously super exciting to be on their radar.


Grey are a Los Angeles-based electronic music duo consisting of Kyle Trewartha and Michael Trewartha. They have released three remixes of Zedd songs ("Beautiful Now", "Papercut", and "True Colors", chronologically), all of which can be found on Zedd's SoundCloud. In addition, they helped to co-produce "Candyman" and have collaborated with the producer on "Adrenaline". They also co-produced Hailee Steinfeld's "Starving", in which Zedd is featured.


  • During an interview with Billboard, Zedd stated: "I've been building my sample pack over the course of the last five or six years. Every good sound I've created, I've saved as a preset or as a sound so I can reuse it, and [Grey are] the only producers in the world I've ever given my sample library to."[2]
  • At one point, rumors circulated that Grey are actually Zedd and Skrillex under a duo name; however, these rumors have since been proven to be false.



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