This was my first experience with EDM—like, even, like, putting my toes in the EDM world, and I really, I like dance music, but I don't feel like I am knowledgeable about it, you know. I just know that when I heard "Clarity" for the first time, I was like, "What is this?" I, the depth. So when I got the chance to hear "Stay the Night"...I was blown away.

–Hayley Williams about "Stay the Night", Moment of Clarity[1]

Hayley Nichole Williams is the lead vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter for the American rock band Paramore.


"Stay the Night"Edit

Main article: Stay the Night

Williams first got the demo for "Stay the Night" via email.[1] The song was her first—and so far is her only—EDM song.


References Edit

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