man... i just had THE most fucked up dream ever.... i was drinking all this cough syrup, and there was like an army of @zedd clones... [sic]

deadmau5's tweet that resulted in the birth of the trend[1]

#zeddception is an official Zedd-recognized trend that takes place annually on social media site Twitter. It was started by deadmau5 in 2013 following a dream he had.


Each year on June 29, various Twitter accounts change their icons to edited images of Zedd meant to imply puns. If the user tweets their concept to Zedd, there is a chance he may favorite or re-tweet the tweet.


  • The first year it occurred, #zeddception was a trending topic on Twitter.[2]
    • Dutch producer Tiësto also claimed to be drunk after seeing his Twitter timeline.[3]


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